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Maternity Services

Private. Comfortable. Secure.
From our 100% private rooms to room service for your meals, you’ll experience the many differences that make Lakeview Medical Center the very best place for your delivery.

We understand that connecting with your family and friends is very important to you. This is why Lakeview Medical Center now offers public high-speed Internet access. Please bring your personal laptop with wireless Internet (WiFi) adapter. In addition, cell phones are permitted in the Birth Center area.

After your baby is born, we employ key security measures to ensure the safety of your growing family. A band is placed on every infant’s leg that activates a security system if the child is taken off the floor. The safety of you and your baby is our primary concern.

Visitors are welcome to join you in your room after delivery and share in the joy of your newborn. We do encourage you to remember that your body needs to recover and your baby needs time to bond with you too, so keeping visits short is recommended.

Home Visits and Follow-Up Calls
After your stay at Lakeview Medical Center is complete, we’re still working to make certain you’re getting the care that you need. You will get a friendly call from one of our staff to follow up with you and the baby. Home visits can also be scheduled with your permission. These short sessions by our staff help you to smoothly make the transition from patient to parent.
For Your New Baby
  • Keepsake Baby Book:All babies born at Lakeview Medical Center receive a beautiful hardcover baby book. Shortly after birth, your baby's footprints will be placed in the book for you.
  • Baby's Social Security Number: Parents have the option of working with our staff on filling out the paper work for a Social Security number and card for their newborn.
  • Newspaper Birth Announcement: Parents can fill out a Newspaper Birth Announcement Form and have the information of the arrival of their new baby sent to local or regional newspapers or even to newspapers in other states.
  • Take-home Information: All moms will be given a packet of information upon discharge that includes educational information and product samples. In addition, all moms receive a baby diaper bag.

Choosing A Pediatrician or Family Practice Doctor 
Once you've had your baby you will need to choose a family doctor or pediatrician for your baby. Click here for help in choosing a doctor.
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