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More Pharmacists
LMC employs four pharmacists and four pharmacy technicians. That's unusual for a hospital this size in this area. LMC chose to staff pharmacists to work with patients and their doctors because of the hospital's strong focus on patient safety.

The department uses the most state-of-the-art computer technology to package, distribute and monitor patient medications. This helps assure that patients receive the right medicines in the right doses at the right times.

Better, Safer Care
Patients taking certain drugs or with special needs are monitored during their stay. Having on-site pharmacist coverage can give patients a time advantage. If an antibiotic is not working well for a particular bacteria, the pharmacist is right there to make a change immediately. This can speed recovery times and save money.

For many patients, having a pharmacist working together with their doctor can mean a higher level of safety, better care, shorter stays, an money saved.