Joint Replacement

Replace Your Joint, Restore Your Life.

As we age, the cartilage — or tissue in our joints that acts as a cushion between bone surfaces — grows brittle and begins to wear away. This loss of cartilage causes inflammation, pain and stiffness in our joints. Moderate degrees of wear cause occasional or mild pain, which can be managed with treatments ranging from over-the-counter or prescription medication to exercise, weight loss and physical therapy. However, when cartilage loss and the resulting pain reach a point where day-to-day life becomes difficult, joint replacement surgery may be the best option for you. When you decide to have joint replacement surgery, look to the experts at Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake’s Regional Center for Joint Replacement.We offer an innovative joint replacement program that combines superior medical care and advanced technology with continuous education and support. You enjoy proven features and benefits such as:
  • A separate hospital unit — with professional staff uniquely trained in joint replacement surgery.
  • A dedicated joint care coordinator — who educates you and your family about joint replacement surgery and guides you every step of the way.
  • The unparalleled credentials and experience of our surgeons — many specialize in knee and hip replacement surgery.
  • Advanced surgical techniques – including less invasive and minimally invasive partial joint replacements, new long-lasting replacement materials, and the development of new implant technology for more rapid recovery and greater outcomes.
  • A volume of experience – Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake surgeons perform approximately 300 joint replacements per year.
  • A place to heal – you have a comfortable, spacious and private room in a warm, inviting environment.
  • Education for you and your loved ones – our doctors and staff published a personal manual to guide you through every phase of your surgery, rehabilitation and recovery.
  • A consistent team approach – your surgery and recovery take place in an upbeat atmosphere that emphasizes wellness, early mobility and rehabilitation. Each team member coordinates your care with you and your family.
  • Cruising to Recovery – a peer support program where group sessions allow patients to work together, learn together and challenge one another to improve.
  • Personal feedback – we stay in touch with you after surgery to monitor your progress and ask for your feedback. You and your fellow patients are our guests at a post-recovery luncheon where you can share experiences and help us make a great program even better.

Having joint replacement is never an easy decision. But once you do decide, choosing where to go is simple. At Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake’s Regional Center for Joint Replacement, our dynamic program is cutting-edge — combining extensive education, expert physicians and staff, advanced technology, personal coaching and ongoing support. We’ll get you back on your feet and back to your life in no time.