pain management

Imagine Your Life, Free of Pain

Living with pain can have a devastating effect on your physical and emotional health. It’s hard to get through each day — and too often — no one else really seems to understand what you are going through.
At Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake, our experienced and caring physicians offer unique expertise in pain management — and new hope for a better quality of life. In an average year, we serve more than 2,000 patients seeking relief from their chronic or acute pain. Our doctors are board certified in pain management and experienced in a wide variety of pain treatment options. When conventional methods of pain management don’t provide the relief you need, our pain specialists may have options that will work for you.
Pain can result from many conditions and impact all parts of the body. Acute pain begins suddenly and is typically sharp and severe. Often, it is caused by an injury or health problem that can lead to tissue damage. Typically, acute pain can be treated successfully with a combination of medications and patient education. Chronic Pain is felt regularly and lasts over a long period of time. It usually requires a more complex treatment plan including education, medication, physical therapy, and injection procedures.

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, our Pain Clinic specialist can help you:
  • Decrease your pain
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Learn new coping skills
  • Decrease the fear, depression and anxiety caused by your pain
  • Improve your ability to function and enjoy day-to-day activities

Our proven care program begins with a careful evaluation of your pain. We explore what is causing your pain, and teach you to better understand your diagnosis. Then our pain specialists develop a personalized treatment plan for you, which can include therapeutic exercises; comprehensive education for you and your family; coping strategies; treatment for psychological problems associated with chronic pain such as depression, insomnia and anxiety; and help reducing a dependence on narcotics and other medications.
Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake’s Pain Clinic also offers a variety of advanced treatment options including:
  • Medical management
  • Epidural steroid injections/cervical, thoracic, lumbar
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic nerve blocks
  • Physical therapy/occupational therapy
  • Patient and family education
  • Referrals for psychological counseling and support
  • Intradiscal decompression procedures
  • Spinal cord stimulator
  • Radiofrequency/rhizotomy
Take the first step toward relieving your pain. We can help you get the referral you need and together, work toward maximum and lasting relief from your pain.