billing questions

Lakeview Medical Center's Patient Accounts department prepares billing statements for services provided by the hospital only. Doctor services are billed separately by their offices or billing agencies.

Insurance Coverage

If the responsible party has provided complete and accurate insurance information and signed an assignment of benefits, credit will be extended on the account and the insurance company will be billed in full for the account balance due. Patients shall be informed that in the even their insurance company does not pay the claim within 60 days of submission, they will be billed personally for the full balance due. Lakeview Medical Center does not enter into disputes over insurance benefits. Any questions regarding coverage or benefits should be discussed directly with your insurance company.

Insurance Pre-Certification

Elective surgical and medical admissions to Lakeview Medical Center must be authorized by your insurance company before admission to the hospital. In most circumstances, emergency admissions need to be authorized within 24 hours after admission. Each insurance company has different requirements and patients should review their policies carefully regarding pre-certification requirements. It is the patient's responsibility to ensure pre-certification requirements are met. 

Balances After Insurance Payments

Lakeview Medical Center will send a billing statement for services not covered by your insurance company and for copayments and deductibles that were applied. These balances are due in full 30 days from the date of the billing statement unless special arrangements have been made with the Credit Manager.

Medicare Payments

Medicare patients must present their Medicare card and supplemental insurance information upon admission/registration. Once the hospital has received payment from Medicare, we will bill up to two supplemental insurance companies. Lakeview Medical Center will notify the patient of any unpaid balances. Payment is due in full 30 days from the date of the billing statement unless special arrangements have been made with the Credit Manager.

Medicaid & HMO Managed Care

Medicaid patient must present a valid eligibility card upon admission/registration. If a valid card is not presented, the patient will be responsible for payment of the services rendered. All copayments must be paid the day the services are provided.
Patients covered by a Medicaid HMO plan should always check with their HMO and Primary Care Provider to make sure the services are covered. If Lakeview Medical Center is outside the patient's coverage area, authorization for care must be obtained by the patient prior to the services rendered.

Accidents & Injuries

Medical expenses from a motor vehicle accident or other liability are the patient's personal responsibility. If the patient has health insurance, Lakeview Medical Center will file that claim to the health insurance company. If the patient does not have health insurance, they must comply with the policy regarding uninsured balances.

Uninsured Self-Pay Balances

You may choose to make an estimated payment in full at the time of service. The hospital will send an itemized billing statement to the responsible party within 7 days of the date of service. Payment if full is due 30 days from the date of the billing statement unless special arrangements have been made with the Credit Manager. Lakeview Medical Center accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Payment Arrangements

Lakeview Medical Center will provide counseling to any patient and their families experiencing difficulty in meeting payment obligations. If you are unable to make payment when it becomes due, please contact our Credit Department at 715-236-6410 as soon as you receive your first billing statement. A monthly payment schedule can be set up for you based on the responsible party's financial resources. Accounts that are not paid upon due date, and for which no special arrangements have been made, may be placed with a collection agency.