during your stay

Contacting A Nurse
Patients and family members can get immediate assistance by using the "call button" located next to the patient's bed.

Health Information Computer
A computer for patients or family members to access health information is available in the Progressive Care Unit Lounge on the 3rd floor. Reputable sites for consumer health information topics are links from desktop icons. We encourage you to to discuss health questions and treatment options with your healthcare provider.
Wireless Internet Service
Patients, family members and guests are welcome to use their personal laptops to connect to the hospital's wireless Internet access, a service available in most areas of the hospital. You will need a wireless enabled device with a standard Internet browser and a Wi-Fi card. 

While you are hospitalized, you will be served meals that are based on your specific nutritional needs and individual preferences. If your doctor prescribes a dietary change, your menu will be adjusted appropriately. Your menu selections will be taken each morning by a member of our Food Services Team. A Registered Dietitian is available to help you understand dietary recommendations your doctor has made.

Meal Patient Dining Hours
Breakfast -  7:15AM - 8:30AM
Lunch - 11:15AM - 12:30PM
Dinner - 4:45PM - 6:00PM
Guest trays are available for $5.00. Contact the nursing station for details.

Flowers, Gifts And Mail
Flowers, gifts and mail will be delivered to your room. Items arriving after you leave the hospital will be forwarded to your home. 

Latex Balloons
In order to protect our patients, families and employees who are sensitive to latex, we do not allow latex (rubber) balloons in our facilities. Mylar (foil) balloons are an acceptable alternative
Newspapers may be purchased at the entrance to the hospital. Magazines and other reading materials are available in visitor waiting areas.

All rooms are quipped with a telephone. To make a local call, dial 9; wait for a dial tone, then dial the desired number. To make a long distance call, dial 9-0-area code-number. Long distance calls must be billed to your home or credit card, or you may call collect.

For The Hearing Impaired
A telecommunications device is available to help hearing-impaired patients or patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Arrangements can be made to have a sign language interpreter available to assist the hearing-impaired patient.

For patients who do not speak English, interpreter services are available at no charge. Contact your nurse for specific information.

A member of our housekeeping team professionally cleans your room each full day of your stay and after you leave on the day of checkout. Lakeview Medical Center has incorporated an environmentally friendly bed linen changing policy to help conserve energy and natural resources. Depending on the length of your hospital stay, bed linens will be changed as needed or requested. For bed linens or additional housekeeping requests, please inform your nurse, who will contact housekeeping on your behalf.

Lost And Found
Articles found on hospital premises or left in patient rooms are held in the Admitting Department. Inquire at the Admitting Desk regarding lost items. Lost items are kept in Admitting for a month.

In the celebration of a new life, Lakeview Medical Center plays chimes over the intercom system each time a baby is born.

Rapid Response Team
This hospital has a Rapid Response Team (RRT) available 24 hours a day. A healthcare provider may call the RRT any time there is a sudden worsening in a patient's condiition. A nurse with critical care background will respond to assist the patient's nurse in getting additional treatment for the patient.

The purpose of the Rapid Response Team is to bring additional expertise to the patient's bedside. The RRT and the patient's nruse work together in assessing the situation, communicating with the physician, initiating treatment and trasferring the patient to a higher level of care if necessary.

If you believe your family member has a sudden change in their condition, notify nursing staff immediately.