when you arrive


Your physician, a member of Lakeview's Medical Staff, will arrange for your admission to the hospital.

Upon arrival, you are registered in the Admitting Office. All information requested is necessary for your patient records and for processing of insurance forms.

Your Care Team

Your care is provided by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals. The primary concern of this team is your well-being: physical, spiritual, psychological and social. Members of your team may include:
  • Dietitian
  • Hospitalist
  • Imaging Personnel
  • Lab Personnel
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Social Worker
Your team will work together throughout your stay to assess your needs and provide you with the care and information that you need prior to your discharge.

Personal Belongings

You won't need many personal belongings during your hospital stay. We recommend items such as cash, credit cards, jewelry, camera and items of sentimental value are send home with your family or friends in order to provide for the security of your valuables.

The hospital cannot be responsible for valuables kept in your room. If you are unable to send valuables home, you may deposit them in the hospital's safe where they will remain until your discharge. Please ask your nurse about this service.


We encourage you to bring your supply of medications when you are admitted into the hospital. Having your medications available for review allows our staff to better reconcile your medication records and helps assure your medications are ordered correctly.

For your safety, LMC requires that all medicine be provided by the hospital pharmacy unless it is not available at LMC. If your medicine is not available at LMC, we will substitute the medicine or give you the option to use your own medicine from home.

You will not be billed for, or pay for, any of your own medications taken while you are an outpatient or observation patient. Any new medications ordered while in the hospital will be supplied by our Pharmacy and billed at the hospital rate. Some insurers, including Medicare, will not cover the cost of medications when you are an outpatient or observation patient.