patient safety

Lakeview Medical Center and our health care professionals are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients. When you or a family member are a patient at LMC, we want to make sure you receive the best and safest care possible. We ask you and your family to join our health care team during your stay to make sure that our care meets your needs. We encourage you to let us know if it does not We are committed to sharing information on quality and safety with you and your family.

LMC voluntarily participates in the Wisconsin Hospital Association's "CheckPoint," a public reporting program of Quality and Error Prevention Measures ( and the National Voluntary Hospital Reporting Initiative (, under Quality Initiatives/National Voluntary Hospital Reporting).

Following are just some of the quality and safety practices LMC has in place:
  • Patient safety is central to everything we do at LMC
  • Physicians and nurses at our hospital are board licensed and participate in continuing education.
  • We have a quality committee available to evaluate any safety concern brought to our attention by staff, patients or family members.
  • The quality committee reviews each safety concern and develops a plan to make our hospital a safe place for you to receive care.
  • We double-check to make sure you receive the right medication, the right dose, at the right time during your stay with us. After discharge, we provide a list of your current medications and encourage
  • you to throw away any old lists you may have.
  • We perform a surgical "time out" before every surgical procedure to verify the site, the patient and the procedure.
  • We encourage you to ask questions about your care and to take notes.
  • We encourage patients to have a family member or friend with them during health care visits. They provide comfort, support and can also ask questions.
  • It is our policy to inform you of the potential results of your care, including unexpected results.
  • We encourage all of our patients to complete a patient satisfaction survey. We want to learn about your hospital stay experience. We review all surveys and make appropriate changes as a result of comments. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the care you receive.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please contact:

Patient Experience Liaison
Lakeview Medical Center
1700 W. Stout Street, Rice Lake, WI 54868
Pt[email protected]